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Our 3lbs Bundle of Joy

Jul 8th, 2007

11:46 pm

Molly Only 11 weeks old, we are in love with our little bundle of joy! We picked Molly up at a cute pet store in Brooklyn and played with her on the subway all the way back home. She didn't get sick or scared of the train ride. She's a true New York City girl.

Down in D.C.

Dec 3rd, 2006

12:24 pm

I'm down in D.C. for interviews with a few companies. I'm staying with my boy Matt Pledger in the Arlington area. It is really sweet down here! All shinny new stuff—not like NYC's dirty nastiness. Two of the companies are FedEx and Ikea. They look really interesting, wish me luck.

Back from the Caribbean

Nov 27th, 2006

1:01 pm

Map of Caribbean Cruise I'm ready to go back! We sailed on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas out of Miami and stopped in Belize City, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. We were scheduled to stop in Grand Cayman, but the sea was too rough for the tender.

Costa Maya was the most fun stop of them all. Actually, this photo was taken in the port of Costa Maya from a Carnival Cruise I took last year. You don't need to plan any excursions there. The port is as much fun as anything else you'll do there. The beautiful architecture and cool shops surround a man-made beach and pool with bar service while you swim. Make sure you bargain with the shop clerks. A sombrero that costs $70 can easily be haggled down to $10. Most other non-Mexico stops will rip you off big time.

Of course I didn't take any pictures—again! No worries, everybody else did, and when I get them, I will upload them as well as some funny stories that go along.

Church Choir Website

Oct 14th, 2006

2:05 pm Logo The website for Hawthorne Gospel Church is up and running at It's pretty sweet. It's mostly for announcements and for downloading music that we are working on.

The site is powered by Drupal. This is my first experience using Drupal, which I have come to love. It is similar to WordPress, but I like the administration and coding Drupal much better. You have to check it out to really appreciate how nice it is to add modules or make a quick mod yourself. And then not have to worry about having that mod work when you perform and upgrade.

If you decide to use Drupal, let me know. I'd like to see how it works for you.

Two New Projects

Aug 24th, 2006

11:14 am

I'm looking for two new open source projects:

1) A Mac OS X styled Address Book accessible over the web. It should have the look and feel of Apple's Address Book. The challenge is figuring out how to pull the database. I've used ab2vcard to convert the database into vCards. Then the PHP script could present these vCards in a nice Apple Address Book-ish way. HTMLize AddressBook is a good start of what I'm talking about. It does not provide the ability to search and have the same user experience as the Mac application.

2) PHPiTunes (hypothetical), that would provide an iTunes interface on the web. It should be written in PHP and AJAX. It would also pull from an organized iTunes music directory and make use of the XML library.

SecureAlert: TrackerPAL

Aug 18th, 2006

3:53 pm

SecureAlert: TrackerPAL I've just spent the last two days at SecureAlert's headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. I am selling their TrackerPAL product. It is essentially a state-of-the-art tracking device worn by criminals. The Monitoring Center in Salt Lake can see every step the offender takes while wearing the bracelet. The technology is quite amazing, and the device will be a viable tool for criminal justice. This is a great opportunity for me in sales. My goal is still product management, but this is a nice stepping stone.

Scout Leaders Course

Jun 22nd, 2006

9:32 am

2/16th CAV Regimental Crest I will be in the beautiful FT Knox, KY for the next few weeks. I'll be going through the Cavalry's Scout Leaders Course. Even though I spent last summer at Knox going through OBC, the focus was more general: training soldiers to be cavalry officers. This course is designed to refine the cavalry leader's scouting ability.

What does a scout do? A scout's mission is Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition. In a doctrinal engagement, scouts are used to find the enemy and not necessarily destroy the enemy. Scouts generally are equipped with faster/lighter weapons and vehicles. This greater mobility is usually at the cost of firepower. But in a well oiled cavalry regiment, scouts are used to find the enemy and the heavy tanks (like the Abrams Main Battle Tank) destroy the enemy.

Back in New Jersey

Jul 19th, 2006

2:14 pm

After six weeks at Fort Drum, NY and Fort Knox, KY I'm glad to be back. Scout Leaders Course was grueling. The culmination field exercise was six days of continual ops. No sleep, just training. I'll be recovering my equipment and getting things squared away during this week. I also am waiting to get my pool ready for the volleyball craze. It's coming soon I promise :)

The Peanut Gallery

May 14th, 2006

7:17 am

Peanut Gallery Screen Shot Peanut Gallery is an auto-web-gallery that does not require any database back-end. It uses information from the file itself (filename, creation date, and path) to populate a high-speed, indexed, and robust cache so users can find pictures quickly and easily.

So why did I design just another web gallery? Well, I've used Gallery, Coppermine, and a variety of other gallery programs out there. The one thing that I don't like about them is that their designs keep the pictures in disarray. Therefore, it's a task to keep my albums current, without duplication, with the web gallery. I am anal, and keep my photo's in appropriately named directories, with descriptive filename's. I don't want to duplicate that process.

I set out to find an auto-gallery that used relied and update itself based on the directory structure. If you changed a filename, for example, the cache would update as well. I found picKLE, which "generates thumbnails and resampled images on the fly and caches them." This project was the closest match to what I was looking for. However, like many of the related projects, picKLE is not maintained, and is fraught with performance issues.

I use the Peanut Gallery on this site. It's a good demonstration of the power and speed of it's initial stages. It is still in it's infancy and I have not registered it yet with SourceForge. I do plan on releasing the source soon.

Note: I'm looking for an algorithm (preferably that uses ImageMagick) that will recognize faces. I want it to be able to identify the height/width of an image so that when it crops the image for a thumbnail, it will not crop out people's faces. Let me know if something like that exists. Contact me via the links on the top of this page. Thanks.

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